OH Buckets

A Cosmopolitan Christmas


The contrasts are stark. The mood is dignified. The ambiance is of class and sophistication. Christmas has never been this chic. This season of giving, OUR HOME takes Christmas to another level by creating a cosmopolitan Christmas in black and white and pink. The feel of an urban Christmas that is totally unique and modern is achieved through an achromatic palette that lends an elegant effect and speaks volumes of Christmases celebrated with a dash of posh and a pinch of panache.



The trees are black as ebony with needles that shine and reflect the glamor and sophistication of city living.                      

Black velvet top hats are used as adornments spruced up with white and silver balls that evoke a feeling of glitz. A lone white feather is added for added attention to detail lending a different textured effect to the tree. Silver and white laced ribbons are used to create a sinewy silhouette that elicit the yuletide charm albeit this time focusing on the sleek sheen of the textures that ultimately create an atmosphere for the flamboyant with a certain dramatic flair. Black and white masks decorated with black ostrich feathers provide an ode and homage to a theatrical approach in decorating and succeed by piling on the pomp and pageantry in this Christmas theme that banks on opposite polarities yet maintains a festive and opulent feel.