OH Buckets

A Holly Jolly Christmas



Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without red and green, but at OUR HOME, red and green are taken to a whole new level when red and green are paired with white and the result is a red and green combination like no other. Red, green and white all come together to reveal a whimsical wonderland that is guaranteed to bring out the child in everyone. Imaginative, playful, amusing and fanciful elements are set on a stage where white Christmas trees serve as a backdrop for an erratic arrangement of decors consisting of dolls, Santa’s elves, nutcrackers, Christmas soldiers, reindeer, bears and Santa Claus himself all gathered together to evoke a silly and funny approach to Christmas decorating. The result is a mélange of recognizable Christmas symbols that deck the proverbial boughs of holly. The mood in this setting is juvenile yet joyous and is a testament to the Christmas spirit – full of fun and frivolity.