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A Rustic Luxe Summer


A Rustic Luxe Summer


Summer. It is when the temperature rises, the heat swelters and the sun is hot. But at OUR HOME, summer is when the colors are vibrant, the hues are bright and the mood is luxe. Welcome to a Rustic Luxe Summer only at OUR HOME. For the month of April, let OUR HOME usher in the hotness of the season as our stores change from the spring colors of kale and green to the summer hues of yellow and blue. The sun and the sea meet at our hottest season yet, set against the backdrop of rough and raw textures and accentuated with posh and plush accouterments. This is OUR HOME’s Rustic Luxe Summer.

The entrance focal automatically is an attention grabber as a white L-shaped sectional sofa is punctuated with loads of throw pillows in bright blues and warm yellows. Striped and solid patterns play up on the blue and yellow vibe as they are constantly repeated to echo the colors of the sun and the sea. Bright yellow solid drapes flank a distressed wooden whitewashed wall that contrasts nicely with an elegantly framed painting marrying the rustic with the luxe. Wooden center, side and console tables also create a rough and raw appeal in their natural finish but adorned with silver and gold accents for that posh look. 


 A pair of yellow ceramic stools adds an Oriental vibe while a woven yarn ottoman complements. Accent chairs in solid yellow fabric upholstery evoke a sunny feel while birdcages overhead add a touch of rustic country charm. Distressed wooden candle holders in pickled white finish lend a bucolic charm as the whole setting receives a romantic mood from the yellow and white floral arrangements scattered all over. A vibrant blue rug anchors the setting and adds a cool and refreshing touch.


The left side focal harmonizes with the main focal as this time a white pickled finish day bed is the centerpiece. Donned in warm yellow sheets with blue and white striped pillows, the mood is relaxed and calming. A white writing desk with a yellow desk chair and a white bedside table flank the bed with lamps with white canvas shades echoing the same textures. A chest of shelves in white and wooden accents contains several decorative accents including blue and white Chinese vases adding an Oriental touch. A mélange of yellow and white flowers mirror the same romantic look of the entrance foyer and enhances the rustic and the luxe theme.


The right side window is replete with the same yellow and blue theme starting with the queen sized beds on both ends. Plush beddings dress up the beds as one set carries the yellow theme and the other the blue. Both beds though benefit from the addition of plush beddings, linen and throw pillows that distribute prints and patterns in a mix of the same blue and yellow combination. Whitewashed white and pickled bedside tables and bureau drawers flank both bed with silver and gold lamp bases, again for that opulent and luxe look. Sofa sets are in light gray punctuated this time with mostly royal blue and white throws mimicking the Toile de Jouy patterns of a rustic French Provincial theme. Yellow is used in this setting as a minimal accent to bring out more of the blues and the whites. Accent chairs though are still in warm and sunny yellows to evoke and warm and comfortable ambiance. The focal point of the entire window display is the dining vignette composed of a rectangular wooden table for six. The table is distressed in white pickled finish mirroring the rustic and pastoral theme. Interestingly, the seats are a hodgepodge of different combinations that evoke a casual yet elegant feel. Four dining chairs are inspired by the loop back Windsor variety from the English Provincial period matched with a high back fully upholstered love seat in a solid warm velvety upholstery. Sunflowers adorn the clear glass vase surrounded by wooden candleholders for that rusticated feel. The backdrop of the window vignettes are whitewashed walls where yellow and gray prints in gold and silver frames are hanged – echoing the luxe yet rustic ambiance.


The indoor settings receive the same marriage of opulence and country charm as rustic accessories adorn posh furniture pieces. Grays and beiges are the main color palette and then blues and yellows punctuate for added country charm. Blacks and whites are given the same treatment but this time, aside from the color theme, accessories are in the gold and silver variety for a touch of elegance added on to a rustic mood.


Summer is celebrated in OUR HOME with a different twist. Mixing and matching the hot sun color of yellow with the cool sea color of blue is really a reminder that the hottest season is here but the palette is only the accent for settings that speak of a raw and rough backdrop to posh and opulent furniture and furnishings. Celebrate the season with a Rustic Luxe Summer, only at OUR HOME.