OH Buckets

Christmas Celebrations with Our Home

Words by: Mr. Pojie Pambid

In the country where Christmas is celebrated the longest, the month of September ushers in the four-month long celebration of the Yuletide season. And, at OUR HOME, September kicks of the merry making by decking the halls not just with boughs of holly but, practically with everything in between. The season where the festive and the joyous come alive is also where OUR HOME pulls all punches creating a celebratory ambiance as the “ber” months come rushing in.



The entrance focal welcomes guests with a “White Christmas” of sorts as a white leather L-shapes sofa beckons. Red and white patterned throw pillows add a Yuletide flavor while accessories are focused on creating glam and glimmer. Glass topped center, side and console tables reflect shiny accouterments on top with silver, chrome and stainless steel as the textures of choice. A pair of bright red accent wing chairs echoes the red spirit of the season while another white leather lounger on the opposite reveal a consistent take on the white theme. A couple of white Christmas trees flank the living room setting with only crystals and lights as adornments evoking a pure and pristine take of decorating the space for a unique Christmas feel. Lighted reindeer are added to spruce up the set-up and to add to the festive vibe while a pair of huge nutcracker soldiers in their uniformed regalia seemed to stand guard.


The left side focal elicits a totally different vibe as this time the Christmas spirit is played up with the regal combination of gold and white. A wrought iron Victorian day bed is donned in elegant gold sheets and is treated as a sofa with the addition of a center table in glass and chrome. Bleached wood side tables and chests of drawers add to the sedate feel of the space while gold lamps with white shades create opulent illumination. Accent chairs with gold and white geometric prints pull off a modern addition while a plush area rug in gold tie the elegant theme together.


The window focal plays up on the red theme starkly combined with gold. The theme is centered on the design of three huge Christmas trees that are replete with gold and red trimmings. The first one located right at the center contains a spiraling array of red flowers alternating with white blooms. This being the main inspiration, the dining setting in front mirrors the same palette and theme. Two dining chairs in floral prints in red and white flank a rectangular glass dining table. On top, the floral centerpiece also mimics the red and white theme with distinct additions of red and gold Christmas flowers. Two large Christmas trees flank the living and bedroom set-ups located on opposite ends of the window focal. The trees are adorned with nothing but red and gold balls in different designs and sizes. Thus, the gray sofas in front also don nothing but red and gold pillows. This time though, accessories and décor are predominantly in gold; matte and shiny and in champagne textures. Glass topped tables still are the best bet for accompanying the settings but placed on black wooden leg bases for a dramatic effect. The beds are also echoing the red theme but paired with grey sheets and linens evoking a contemporary theme. Bedside tables are in black stained wood with gold lamps in black shades. Mirrors in gold and black frames are strategically hung on wall panels to add to the elegant yet contemporary feel of the settings. Shaggy area rugs in grey and silver anchor each setting and give off a posh and luxurious feel.


Christmas has indeed come to OUR HOME and the environs reveal the festive Yuletide spirit. Every nook and cranny in the store reveals pockets of the Christmas spirit and an entire section of the space is dedicated to Christmas trees, balls, garlands, trinkets, lights, reindeer, hollies and the like while Christmas carols play in the background that really give off the sights and sounds of the season. This is just the beginning though as OUR HOME gears up for different interpretations of Christmas themes and designs that are coming in the next months… so watch out for it. Soon!