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Eclectic Elegance: Achieving the perfect blend of variety with posh and polish


Creating a theme based on a mix of different things in the home is quite a challenge. People in the interior design industry have termed this eclectic and for some, achieving this look is not that easy. Some homeowners make do with what they already have and try to produce a unified mood but the results can often be disastrous.  It is can be quite easy to blend and mix elements that are somewhat unrelated and make them work if you know what to do. Here are some guidelines:

1. Go with a basic color palette. Even if you have a lot of things going on, it is easier to blend when there is a unified color scheme. Neutrals will always work. Even if the furniture and accessory selection is quite diverse but if let’s say, it all comes in shades of browns and greys – neutrals, then it can achieve a well-blended look and feel.

2. Avoid prints and patterns. Unless they are coordinated in design and colors, a mix of different prints is hard to successfully achieve. But, if everything is plain it is easier to mix and match.

3. Establish a family of finishes. Go with only one type of finish. Again, even if the furniture selections do not come as a set but if they’re all finished in the same material then it can work.  Wood and wood, metal and metal give off the same textures so they can work together even if there are a variety of different styles.



Elegance in design is the posh factor. It can set the mood of the setting or the space in such a way that the ambiance comes across as classy and sophisticated. To achieve elegance does not necessarily mean that one must spend on expensive materials. Remember that there is such a thing as “elegantly simple” and in design; this can come across as tasteful. To elicit the posh factor, here are some tips:

1. Exercise restraint. Try not to overcrowd the space with a lot of furniture or accessories. Make do with what is functional and then edit the frills. If it’s not integral in the function of the space then don’t keep it.

2. Lighting matters. Make sure that the lighting that you use is of the warm variety. Even if you only have a few lighting fixtures but if the illumination it gives off radiates a warm glow, the space’s ambiance automatically changes and becomes classy and sophisticated.

3. Add touches of glitz and glimmer.  Introduce elements such as brass, crystal and silver as your accessories. Stainless steel and chrome, as well as glass and polished ceramics that are carefully chosen and in proportionately few quantities dramatically elicit a refined feel to the space.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match and enjoy the experience. Just make sure that you go over the guidelines for achieving the right eclectic mix of furniture and accessories and adapt the tips for creating an elegant ambiance, then you are on your way to recreating OUR HOME’s theme for the month of June. Have fun!