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Organic Opulence

Organic Opulence


The month of March brings in a new and fresh look as it ushers in OUR HOME’s design theme for the month – Organic Opulence. The theme is anchored on bringing the outdoors in, relying on natural and sustainable materials, capitalizing on the color kale as the color of the month, and at the same time evoking an air of elegance and sophistication – organic and opulent. Silver and gold as well as other metallic hues, luxurious fabrics and posh accents take center stage against a fresh, lush and vibrant setting resulting in an interior design style that offers a different take on creating a unique mix of what is natural and sophisticated at the same time.


The entrance focal steals the show as it elicits the “wow” factor for customers and passers by alike. A light colored L-shaped sectional sofa beckons with an air of comfort and luxury. Throw pillows designed with tropical foliage patterns punctuate the sofa affording a relaxed feel. Center, side and console tables in naturally finished wood evoke a sense of rawness but at the same time create a polished feel to the space. Lamps with silver bases and white canvas shades affords the same luxurious feel and complements well with the other silver accessories especially the silver framed mirror on top of the wooden console table. A shag rug in soft beige with gold tints anchors the setting and provides a posh feel to the area. But, what really sets the scene apart is the verdant vertical garden that provides a striking backdrop. A variety of different indoor plants composed of ferns and other decorative interior shrubs set the stage for a lush background. Flanking the vertical garden wall are drapes in a very light shade of kale completing the composition. A mix of different topiaries, small trees and ferns in terracotta containers are added to really elicit an organic feel.


The same treatment is echoed in the large window focal as kale again, dominates the color palette. At the center, a dining table made of glass is matched with a high-back love seat and two accent chairs in beige serving as the dining chairs. On top, a carefully designed centerpiece consisting of greens and succulents are placed inside a tall, clear glass vase complementing the overall look.  A wall of open shelves serves as the backdrop and on it is a mélange of different topiaries and garden plants mixed in with silver, gold and white ceramic vases and accessories.  Radiating towards the periphery, living room sets consisting of a three seater and a two seater sofa combination are donned in beige upholstery material and again, accented with throw pillows bearing tropical designs in shades of kale. A printed area rug in green and ecru anchors the setting. Beds are clothed in coordinating sheets and linens in a color palette that is consistent with the rest of the window. Kale bedsheets are paired with avocado and lime pillows and dressed in sage and moss linens and the overall feel results in a comfortable, fresh yet lush ambiance. Accessories and other accents are selected to evoke an opulent air. Silver candelabras, glass and crystal vases and gold and champagne containers all work well together in achieving a sophisticated feel yet working well with the organic atmosphere. And, a pair of vertical gardens strategically placed still imposes a verdant, lush and natural mood to evoke an organic ambiance.


Left to the entrance focal is a more intimate interpretation of the organic and the opulent theme of the store. This time, a pair of tufted sofas takes center stage against a wood and white backdrop of shelves where again, topiaries in cast iron and tin containers are placed. A lighter shade of kale with a printed pattern is utilized as curtains and draperies provide a soft foil against the wood center and side tables and the shelf divider that serves to enclose the space. A plush rug complements well with the rest of the textures while a pair of green and beige printed accent chairs give the space a casual and comfortable mood. Solid colored throw pillows in chartreuse and citron accentuate and offer a pop of vibrant color. The same silver and champagne accessories are employed to consistently give off the opulent character of the space.


The rest of the store employs the same color palette, relying mostly on a predominantly kale scheme. The organic theme resonates as trees and shrubs in key positions maintain the feel of bringing the outdoors in. Kale and its derivatives, as a color scheme, is paired with the rest of the furniture pieces establishing the versatility of the color as it is matched with gray, white and even black. Opulent accents in gold, silver and champagne create contrasts that are both stark, dramatic and at the same time well balanced. As a result, the whole store radiates a certain freshness and lushness that speaks of comfort but with the right accents also evokes a certain casual elegance that makes for a classy and sophisticated ambiance. For the month of March, feel the green and see and sheen. Experience organic opulence, only at OUR HOME.