OH Buckets

Pink Perfect

The month of August brings a breath of fresh air as OUR HOME ushers in the freshness of pink. Different shades, tones and tints of the pastel color come alive in elegant and classic arrangements that evoke a unique color palette mixing pink with the timeless appeal of beige. The resultant effect is a subtle marriage of class and sophistication echoing styles that bring a different ambiance – soft yet stylish, casual yet classy. 


The entrance focal is an exercise in the use of shades of pink as it complements with a darker shade of beige. A living room setting consisting of a leather three-seater and two-seater sofa set in khaki take center stage as a pair of bright pink accent wing chairs evoke a pastel accent. Center, side and console tables provide a much-needed posh element with the addition of gold and brass bases with black glass tabletops. Lamps echo the same polished look with black shades as a plush area rug in crème with gold tints anchor the vignette in place. A large mirror with a champagne gold wooden frame reflects the classy atmosphere. Pink stargazer lilies fill a glass vase and serve as a striking centerpiece while mauve draperies with sheer gold curtains frame the entrance focal and serve as a backdrop.


An entire beige palette occupies the right focal window punctuated by blush and carnation pink. L-shaped sectional sofas in deep café au lait colors are accented with throw pillows in different tints of bright pink in solid and printed patterns. Tub chairs in powder pink serve as accents and provide a pop of color. Pink floral arrangements scattered on tops of tables evoke a feminine vibe contrasting with the masculine accessories in gold and black. 


A pair of queen-sized beds with leather padded and tufted headboards in mocha provide an air of luxury donned in beige and pink bed linens.  A pair of black wooden nightstands adds a striking contrast on top of which are table lamps in gold and crystal bases with dramatic black lampshades. Artworks are carefully chosen to exude the same fresh and elegant ambiance, as abstract shapes are framed in gold. The centerpiece though is the dining setting as four dining chairs in pink surround a long glass topped rectangular table in black. A tall floral arrangement of mixed greens combined with pink carnations create a statement as behind, wooden shelves carry accessories in black, gold and ceramics adding variety. Old rose curtains with white sheers cap off the look. 


The left window focal showcases a queen-sized bed with an entirely gilded frame and headboard. This time bed linens are in deep beige with pink throws to marry the theme together. Wooden nightstands in ash grey finish with brass legs accentuate the bed frame and at the same time create an elegant feel. High-back wing chairs flank the bed with topiaries in gold vases and pedestals serve as accent pieces. This time ecru colored lampshades with glass and gold bases provide illumination. 


The entire store becomes a canvas, where shades of pink are combined with different colors providing a testament to the versatility of the color. Off-white is matched with the blush variety of pink and the pairing exudes a light and airy feel. Black is paired with the dramatic magenta for a masculine effect and at the same time providing a stark use of contrast. And, champagne pink mixed with brown leather seats evoke an unusually earthy yet comfortable ambiance and mood.

The popularity of pink receives a serious and mature treatment with a carefully chosen match. Mixing pink with shades of beige provides a pairing that exudes a posh, classy and elegant feel. Styling the pairing with touches of gold and black evokes a stylish and sophisticated vibe and establishing the versatility of pink. Different pairings providing dramatic contrasts, striking matches and unique combinations ultimately elicit a pink perfect ambiance.