OH Buckets

Pure Romance in Metallic Glam

The opulence of gold, the elegance of silver and the pureness of white take center stage as OUR HOME takes a totally different direction for the love month of February. For the whole month, OUR HOME showcases a different approach on the celebration of love, as it takes on a deeper meaning – pure, chaste and blissful.  The whole store becomes a canvas where pure romance is celebrated and the focus is on white.


As one enters, a sectional L-shaped sofa welcomes with a pristine and calming mood. Donning the sofa are plush throw pillows in white, gold and silver creating a splash of glamour into the mix. Center, side and console tables are finished with mirror surfaces that echo the elegant and classy mood of the setting and at the same time maintaining the crisp and clean ambiance. Accessories are classic and timeless, with only silver, glass and champagne colored metallic accents predominating. The whole setting in anchored by a shag rug in plush grey and silver and as a backdrop, a pair of mirrors hangs by the back wall flanked by sheer white curtains that drape in smooth folds. A mélange of pure white floral arrangements and centerpieces punctuate the walls and the tabletops adding to the romance theme. Table lamps in white shades with silver and glass bases complete the ensemble.


To the left, the same formula is applied but this time creating a more dramatic contrast as a deeper gray sectional couch is laid against an almost all white backdrop. A high-back accent love seat is placed against one end and behind, flowers in an all white palette set the mood. Curtains are patterned with foliage prints in silver gray and white echoing the same pattern on the area rug. Throw pillows and throw rugs remain consistent with just gold, silver and white linen predominating and the accessories are still carefully chosen to evoke a pristine and pure vibe.


The grand window to the right reveals a stylish and sophisticated take on the romantic ambiance as an all-glass dining table is placed at the center. Flanking the table is a pair of fully upholstered gray tufted Victorian love seats that just echoes the romance of the setting. Behind, a chest of shelves carry a myriad of carefully chosen accessories and décor that maintain the opulence and elegance of the vignette yet at the same time echo the pure and pristine mood. Silver candelabras and a tall floral centerpiece made from only white flowers evoke a romantic and nostalgic feel, reminiscent of country weddings. The whole setting is framed by a pair of floral arches replete with white roses, white orchids and vines that complete the whole pure romance theme for February.


The same is applied towards the periphery when a mirror image of sofa sets in silver gray upholstery become the focal points. Mirrors and artwork that hang behind on the back complement the centerpieces and the curtains – all in white and silver. Glass tables with chrome and stainless steel legs balance the setting with a touch of contemporary flair while luxurious pillows in champagne, charcoal and eggshell cap off the look. Lighting fixtures evoke the same mix of the contemporary and the elegant as the gold bases of the table lamps strike an eye-catching contrast to the black shades making it more dramatic.


The bedroom settings are similarly romantic with queen-sized beds taking center stage. Padded tufted and studded headboards soften the look and evoke a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Adding to that are the crisp white sheets with accents of silver and gray pillows that cohesively elicit a romantic and pure feel to the space. Again, to highlight the romantic vibe, floral arches frame the windows accentuating the sheer and patterned drapes in clean white stripes.


The whole store carries the romantic feel as white continuously predominates. White flowers and arrangements are seen everywhere and floral arches carrying only white foliage stand out in certain layouts. White is seen as accents as settings in beiges and khaki are given the same pure treatment.  Even the brown and caramel colored living room sets are seen and perceived as romantic because of the white floral accents and the use of gold, silver and glass as accessories.


For the whole month of February, OUR HOME celebrates love but, from a whole different perspective; because February in OUR HOME evokes an atmosphere that celebrates pure romance.