OH Inspirations

Very Violet

Highlighting and showcasing Pantone’s Color of the Year, OUR HOME, for the whole month of February goes Ultraviolet. The hues and shades of this popular color becomes the inspiration for a stunning milieu that captures the elegance, the posh and the opulence of violet set against a Neo-Baroque backdrop. For the love month of February, OUR HOME goes a different direction and defines a different kind of love – a love for timeless styles, endless elegance and contemporary glamour as the color violet takes center stage and spotlights varied settings on Neo-Baroque ensembles.
The entrance focal sees violet take on a modern-glam vibe as a three-seater and a two-seater sofa in gray tufted fabric set the tone for a living room montage. A pair of wing chairs in deep purple brocade fabric evokes a regal yet contemporary mood that compliments the Neo-Baroque feel of the couches. Purple accent pillow is posh velvet rosettes add a touch of texture while silver and gold accessories complete the opulent feel of the setting. Tables are chosen for their rich ash gray wood finish with legs in brushed brass that harmonizes well with the accessories.
  The bedroom vignette of the left side evokes a different kind of mood. This time, the ambiance is restful and somber taking off from different shades of violet used in the setting. Lilac, lavender and aubergine set off a monochromatic color scheme against a neutral gray background. Lilac sheets, lavender throws and aubergine pillows on a Neo-Baroque tufted crowned headboard in upholstered gray velvet fabric spell luxury and leisure eliciting an atmosphere conducive to sleep and slumber without sacrificing class and comfort. Flanked on both sides by night table and console table, the bed evokes a calming and soothing effect while at the same time creating a luxurious feel. An ash gray console table is placed at the foot of the bed where a crystal vase of violet and fuchsia tulips, orchids and lilies of the valley evoke a somewhat country and provincial mood.
The main window focal showcases several applications of the color of the year set in very elegant surroundings. A dining table for four sits opulently at the center where a glass topped table is surrounded by contemporary dining chairs in plush purple velvet upholstery. On top of the table is a tall glass vase filled with a floral centerpiece in violet orchids, hydrangeas and white carnations.

Towards the sides, living room set-ups donning gray upholstery fabric are arrayed in tufting details, a characteristic feature or Neo-Baroque furniture. This time though, wooden and iron tables are finished in black with clear glass tops adding a contemporary feel to the space. Accent chairs are added to create that pop of violet colors that are echoed in the choice of pillows for the sofas – aubergine, lavender and grape.
Beds with tufted headboards complete the set-up this time, donning violet and gold sheets that evoke a royal ambiance. The same royal combination of gold and violet are used in the plush drapery with printed brocade patterns, again, evoking a Neo-Baroque atmosphere. Another feature of Neo-Baroque is the use of mirrors and in this setting, mirrors are definitely not lacking. Mirrors in gold and silver frames in the popular sun motif adorn the walls and act to create the illusion of space.

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultraviolet visits OUR HOME for the whole month of February and the color, with its regal and classy characteristics provide the perfect inspiration for highlighting the Neo-Baroque design style, a style that is considered posh, glamorous and opulent – styles that Our Home is known for.