A Sanctuary of Serenity

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Posted on June 23 2021

Restful Nights and Refreshing Mornings Await


The bedroom… aside from being such a personal and intimate space, it is also the room in the home that provides the most relaxation and the most comfort. After a long and arduous day, the bedroom offers a haven of rest and sleep; so for the month of June, OUR HOME focuses on the bedroom and captures the intricacies of this sanctuary for slumber.



The bed always takes center stage in this room and should be of prime importance. A bed functions for providing necessary comfort and rest and if paired with a padded headboard, aids in drowning out the noise. Padded headboards are now a trend because they mask and absorb sounds, eliminating noise. In this case, OUR HOME’s Mid-Century Modern bedroom hits two birds with one stone; while at the same time providing luxury and comfort and looking very stylish and contemporary.


The mattress should also be taken into consideration and as such should be chosen based on the following; size, thickness, firmness and kind. A king, a queen, and a full offers comfortable sleep for two people while a twin and a single is perfect for only one person. And, as a cardinal rule, the thicker the mattress, the more comfort it provides. Firmness is very personal; some people want a relatively ‘hard and firm’ mattress while others like wallowing in the softest mattress possible. As far as kind of mattress is concerned, it’s a choice between a spring mattress or a foam mattress. Bear in mind that foam mattresses are denser and do not allow air to circulate through them while spring mattresses are the opposite. A good bed should also maximize the storage potential of the bedroom and in this case, the Mid-Century Modern bedroom provides drawers underneath. An area rug underfoot is also a good idea as it gives added warmth and comfort.



Pillows also provide comfort and rest but nowadays, interior design dictates that pillows also serve as a decorative addition to bed-scaping. Just remember that a standard pillow is what you really use for sleeping and the rest are just “icing on the cake”. Take note though, that if you want to dress up a bed and style it with pillows; shams are larger than a standard while throw pillows are smaller and, bolsters are round and cylindrical accents pillows.


To make the bedroom a really functional space, make sure that aside from the bed, you also have what are  considered as integral furniture pieces. The bed should always have a night table beside it with a lamp, adjacent to the bed is a writing desk or a working table and always provide closets and armoires for the storage of clothes and other intimates. If all these are in your bedroom then you’re already on your way to creating your perfect sanctuary of serenity.



The home is a haven where personality, function, design and comfort merge and mingle. At OUR HOME, living a comfortable and modern lifestyle is our promise. With the latest and best in furniture and accessories, furnishings and design ideas, we strive to be your only choice for creating a home where style and substance mix and marry. Only at OUR HOMEGREAT DESIGNS. GREAT PRICES.


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