Improve Your Space With Sofa Beds From Our Home

In the quest for more space and a clutter-free home, bedless bedrooms have become a popular choice for millennials. A tiny but practical sofa bed has now become an essential piece of furniture in almost every home. Whether you’re looking to convert your living room into a bedroom, have guests coming over and want to offer them comfy accommodation, or just want to declutter your bedroom, there are plenty of reasons why sofa beds are better than regular beds.

For smaller living spaces 

If you have limited space, sofa beds can provide you with extra seating and bed to accommodate guests. Unlike a regular bed, a foldable sofa bed takes up less space, which is great for small living spaces. 

Our Home can help you create a small but cozy home with a range of single sofa beds and convertible sofa beds that allow you to use your living room as a bedroom, guest room, or office. 

More space

A big bed might not be ideal for those living in small apartments and lofts. Such beds do not only take up space but also make it difficult to walk around the room. 

A sofa bed, on the other hand, doesn’t take up much space. You can even fold up your folding chair bed or pull-out sofa bed and store it away in the closet when you’re not using it, making more space for your small living space.

For one or more

If you’re living alone, a single sofa bed from our collection can be useful for both sleeping and sitting. Without the need for a bed frame, the Colsten Sofabed is easy to use and comes with a soft and comfortable mattress that keeps you warm at night. Convert it easily to a bed and you are guaranteed to have a comfortable sleep!

Or you can have a sleeper sofa instead if you live with another person. It is perfect for two people, and it’s easy to convert into a sofa. Find the perfect convertible sofa bed from Our Home, it is perfect for three people and like a sleeper sofa bed, it has an added function of a regular sofa. 

Convertible sofa beds have a lift-up top, which makes them easy to convert into a bed. It's also a perfect addition to your furniture pieces at home if you want guests to come over and have a comfortable place to sleep. 

A sofa and bed in one

If you’re looking to buy a sofa bed with modern designs, you are in luck because Our Home has a wide selection of sofa beds to choose from. Each comes in different colors and designs, so you can select the sofa bed that matches your home’s interior design. You can also find sofa beds with different mattresses, such as memory foam, latex, and spring.  

There are plenty of reasons why sofa beds are better than regular beds. From the advantages that sofa beds have over regular beds, it’s clear that a sofa bed is a way to go if you need extra space, extra storage space, or a comfortable place to sleep. 

Visit the nearest Our Home store today and discover more ways to maximize your spaces at home. If you want to check out sofa bed prices, feel free to browse through their website at Shop now!