Basic Tips in Furnishing a Homey Living Space for a ‘Home Buddy’



Posted on May 22 2023

Success as an adult is now measured by being able to buy your dream property long before retiring or finally revamping your family house to fit your dream lifestyle. Having a warm, livable space where you can have solitude after a long day at work or enjoy free time with the family is considered a life goal by people who call themselves a homebody or commonly known today as ‘home buddies’ in the Philippines.

If you’re someone who finds yourself dedicated to creating a comfortable space through home improvement projects, Our Home has a few basic tips to share!

1. Choose an aesthetic

Scandinavian, modern contemporary, or mid-century modern are just a few of the interior design aesthetics that most people take inspiration from in revamping or furnishing their home spaces. Go online for some inspiration or if you already have a design in mind, you can start planning on furniture and home decors.

You can rely on Our Home with the finest pieces available in the market. Get inspired by a diverse catalog of furniture designs and ideas they have in store for you!

2. Consider your budget

Once you have started your home makeover plan, it’s time to discuss your budget. Before purchasing decor materials or furniture, take into consideration the budget for your furnishing project.

You can either buy new decors to spruce up your home spaces or be creative if you are working on a budget. Check out Our Home’s furniture collection and discover a selection of pieces that fit your budget.

3. Start small

Every home renovation project starts small. It may be tempting to do everything at once but have patience in your project’s progress. Take your time in choosing decor items that not only fit your preferred design but also make your spaces as relaxing as you want them to be. 

4. Call #OHSpacePlanners for free consultation!

It always pays off to see your dream home spaces come into life. Whether it is for your living area, bedroom, or dining, the country’s reliable furniture source—Our Home is always ready to provide you with home inspirations, decors, and of course, furniture! Just call Our Home at 09178315260 to inquire or to get free interior design advice with their #OHSpacePlanners.