Written by Our Home


Posted on October 26 2023

Continuing with the OUR HOME tradition of coming up with a variety of different Holiday Themes, October ushers in a warm, cozy and fuzzy feel as the colors of sunsets and spices come alive in another inspired and creative way to decorate and style the home this Christmas season. Deep browns, bright pinks, vibrant oranges mix and mingle with cinnamon, paprika and curry for a unique collaboration of hues, tones, tints and shades that evoke a comfortable, homey and welcoming ambiance for the home.


decoration for christmas


The entrance vocal beckons with a large queen-sized plush bed in bright beige fleece upholstery. The bed takes inspiration from organic forms as corners are blurred and curves are emphasized for a more comfortable feel. Wood leg accents spark interest as it supports the frame while a motion sensor attached to the base provides a warm glow of light addressing a safety concern especially when getting up at night. The bed is donned in a combination of soft pink and champagne silk sheets giving it a posh appeal while a bevy of throw pillows in spice colors punctuate and accentuate for contrast. The bed is flanked by a pair of deep walnut chest of drawers that echo the warmth of the setting as richly grained wood finishes elicit a homey feel. By the side, an eight-foot frosted Christmas tree stands tall with trinkets and balls in pinks and browns mixed with soft beige flowers and a champagne-colored ribbon tying everything together. At the foot of the bed, a pair of Art Deco inspired loungers set the scene for bedtime conversations and in between, a round fluted occasional table also in dark walnut provides a functional surface for personal accoutrements. At the side, a matching fluted console table also in dark walnut provides a setting for a gold studded wall mirror, a glass and brass base table lamp and other collectibles.


dining chair


A table for six takes center stage in the dining setting. The same walnut wood finish is mirrored here for a consistent take on the homey feel of the entire set-up. On top, a large glass vase contains a variety of different blooms; crocuses, lilies and orchids mixed with a variety of different foliage acts as a centerpiece that’s bound to be a conversation starter for those Christmas dinners. Surrounding the table are six dining chairs also in the same walnut finish but this time upholstered in a warm taupe cotton fabric. Another eight-feet tall Christmas tree with the same decors are situated by the side and adjacent to it is a buffet cum sideboard piece that allows for easy access to serving and storage.


chairs for living room


Then the living room set-up is seen at the sides where an L-Shaped sectional sofa is upholstered in khaki. Occupying a substantial space, the sofa is perfect for exchanging stories or for just gathering the family together for the holidays.  A large rectangular ottoman is used as a center table in this case and on top is a tray for serving. Walnut finished side and end tables provide spaces for lamps to illuminate the setting while at the same time giving off warmth and texture to the space. Behind is a set of three etageres for knick-knacks, accessories and other mementos to be displayed and highlighted. The living room benefits in having a pair of tangerine colored accent lounge chairs just to provide a foil to the otherwise very neutral setting but also, incorporating additional seating pieces. Fluted accent tables also punctuate the space and pedestals scattered function to provide spaces where sculptures can be displayed, even a white ceramic Holy Family Creche sculpture. A third Christmas Tree is seen here which completes the set. Again, adorned with the same sunset and spice color palette in its trims and décor.


table lamps

The whole month of October continues with OUR HOME’s commitment of inspiring the creative and the crafty homeowner in getting the house ready for the season. Be amazed with out of the box Christmas colors, textures and designs and be prepared to see more. OUR HOME is only half-way through in providing ideas, tips and tricks on how to spice up your Christmas. Visit SM Our Home store near you ( and be inspired by its new look this month.  Only at OUR HOME… Great Designs… Great Prices!