Holiday Lush



Posted on May 23 2023

By:  Pojie Pambid


The holiday season continues as styles change and become more modern. Options are always available for how one can celebrate the most joyous season of all and for OUR HOME, this is a chance to showcase a variety of modern settings and stylings set in a metropolitan setting. This time, the ambiance is subtle yet undeniably lush. The mood is perfect for someone who loves a clean palette yet wants subdued colors as accents. The atmosphere elicits a feminine vibe and at the same times echoes a penchant for reaping the fruits of a very successful life.



Living Room

White predominates the setting of the living area as all-white leather sofa set takes center stage. Three-seater and two-seater pairings evoke a certain sense of luxury in a crisp, clean yet contemporary feel. A posh white marbled-top center table adds to the glamour of the setting with gilded base legs echoing a taste for the good life. The white sofas also don a subtle ode to color as lilac and lavender throw pillows act as accents while on the center table, a gold tray with a pink marble inspired surface provides an added touch of opulence. Pink and purple berries on a clear glass vase compliments a couple of white ceramic jars in an ultra-modern geometric design completing the accessories of the table while underfoot, a silver-gray shag rug holds everything in place while at the same time providing a sense of warmth and comfort.




Dining Room

The subtle hints of colors in the living area are mirrored in the dining setting as a stunning all-glass dining table becomes the focal point of the space. A bevy of lilac upholstered dining chairs surround the table making it quite a functional piece and the setting automatically becomes a practical yet stylish approach to serving food and a ton of shared conversations. An all-white satin finish painted sideboard on one side offers storage possibilities and set against a gray marbled wall provides a very sophisticated backdrop. The centerpiece is quite minimal with just a glass bowl in opaque white surrounded by pink and purple berries. Again, a silver-gray area rug in cut pile anchors the setting in place.





The bedroom vignette offers the same chic and classy style, this time with the placement of a queen-sized bed with an eye-grabbing white leather tufted headboard. Geometric forms are highlighted in the design which complements the pair of leather-padded white bedside tables that flank the bed. Set against a contemporary wall of gray marble and gray concrete slabs alternating, the bed is further highlighted through the addition of high-intensity track lights creating hyperbolic curves against the walls which add to the drama of the space. A pair of gray ceramic table lamps with stark white shades complement the ambiance and, on the bed, a coordinating set of silk and satin sheets in pewter and lavender echo the somber feel of the space, conducive to sleep and slumber. This time, a geometric patterned loop pile area rug in different shades of gray provides a tactile addition.

For Christmas 2022, OUR HOME takes on a variety of different color schemes and different ways to style and execute Christmas. Holiday Lush takes the home in a different direction where an almost all-white palette with touches of pink, lilac and lavender, provides a semblance of the chill and the feel of winter.  Subtle, subdued and still sophisticated, OUR HOME offers a Christmas ambiance that is a combination of the modern, the sleek and the stylish, as the main focus of this setting. A posh ambiance amidst urban design sensibilities becomes the go-to inspiration for this style as geometric shapes and forms add to a setting that is definitely a showstopper… only at OUR HOME… Great Designs… Great Prices.