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Posted on June 23 2021

Step Up Into A Home Where The Modern And The Organic Come Together In Perfect Harmony


The dining room is a very popular place where people gather in the home; especially the Filipino home. Countless hours of good food and good conversation happen in this room and it is in this light that it should have the right vibe and the right ambiance. For the month of June, OUR HOME highlights the dining room and gives it a totally unique look by mixing together natural textures and materials amid a perfectly contemporary atmosphere. 



The dining table is still the focal point in this setting, and as such, the size, shape and comfort of this integral furniture piece are paramount. Here, OUR HOME highlights the Modern Contemporary dining table. This table seats a luxurious four and a comfortable six, for an extra dose of flexibility and versatility. Wood grains in walnut exude a rich texture that offers a taste of elegance without making the atmosphere stiff and rigid. Dining chairs in plush gray upholstery creates a unique and warm color palette and add a sense of style and substance.



Storage units also play an integral role in any dining set-up and in this case, the Modern Contemporary sideboard complements the modern organic ambiance. Functional, purposeful and sleek, the sideboard allows for dining implements and accoutrements to be stored neatly for an organized appeal and provides easy access, while at the same time adding a cohesive charm to the rich and warm textures of the space.


A single pendant lamp lights the surface of the table and creates added illumination while a round mirror on top of the sideboard bounces of the light reflections while creating illusions of space. To cap off the modern and organic feel of this dining setting, ceramic jars, stoneware vases and crystal come together to evoke a blend of the earthy and the elegant. A plush area rug in beige anchors everything in place and ties everything together for a complete and consistent look.



The home is a haven where personality, function, design and comfort merge and mingle. At OUR HOME, living a comfortable and modern lifestyle is our promise. With the latest and best in furniture and accessories, furnishings and design ideas, we strive to be your only choice for creating a home where style and substance mix and marry. Only at OUR HOMEGREAT DESIGNS. GREAT PRICES.


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