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Plum Glam



Posted on May 22 2023

By: Pojie Pambid

The Christmas season has always been a time to bring out decorations and “deck the halls with boughs of holly”. But sometimes, because space is a factor, the halls are tight or there might not even be a hall to begin with. Welcome to the metropolis where majority of its inhabitants live in high-rises or condos and areas are not as spacious as built-up homes. Is this now an obstacle to put up a tree and dust off the wreaths and the garlands? Certainly not! Because at Our Home, Christmas Styles are tailor made and custom fitted to suit any home type and any home aficionado.

Enter… Plum Glam… Carefully curated for the accomplished and the successful urban dweller who desires the posh and luxurious life despite a limited space. This Holiday Styling is carefully put together for that certain individual who loves to share, loves to give and loves to entertain as an exercise in keeping with the sharing and caring theme of the season yet still maintain a sophisticated palette and a modern reflection of city life.


Plum Glam


The living room is subdued, with subtle hints of purple, plum and periwinkle… deep colors and rich textures predominate as an L-shaped sectional gray leather couch takes center stage. Set against the backdrop of the urban skyline where twinkling stars are replaced by city lights, the sofa exudes an ode to a cosmopolitan lifestyle… simple yet stately, luxurious yet practical and a statement piece on its own. The simplicity and elegance of the piece is further enhanced through the addition of carefully chosen accents. Satin throw pillows in plush pink and silver provide a foil that contrast against the comfortable feel of the rich leather. A lone plum accent lounger in velvet provides a spark of color while a shag rug in silver and pewter picks up the color tints and tones. A unique center table with a gray concrete surface becomes an homage to the concrete jungle of the city reinforcing the urban feel of a metropolitan high-rise; a matching round accent table coordinates right beside the lounger. A floor lamp to one side of the couch balances the ornately styled tree on the other replete with a repetition of magenta, silver, violet and gold trimmings, echoing the luxury yet minimalist feel of the space.


minimalist feel of the space


Adding to the exclusivity of the space, a table for four guarantees only a specific number of guests. This time, the metropolitan ambiance is represented by a rectangular table with an amber glass top and a burnished copper base in a geometric design. Four velvet upholstered dining chairs are donned in the same plum color creating a continuity from the living to the dining creating the illusion of a much bigger space for entertaining. A matching amber glass and copper sideboard against the wall exudes a cohesive look providing a surface for holiday accoutrements that match and coordinate with the Christmas tree. An ultra-modern droplight echoes the geometric shapes of the space and provides warm and ample illumination. An abstract loop pile rug underfoot, cushions the setting and reinforces the modern look.


modern look


The subdued yet striking feel of the space continues to the bedroom where a leather padded headboard anchors a king-sized bed in its place. Set in front of an even darker charcoal gray wall, the bed allows for a subtle hint of contrast for the satin sheets in silver to shine through. The built-in bedside table showcases a silver and glass base table lamp that accentuates the dramatic mood of the room. A geometric patterned area rug in different shades of gray provides comfortable warmth against the gray tiled floor and to one side, a plum accent chair reinforces the color palette of the entire space.


Regardless of the type of home one lives in, OUR HOME provides the perfect Christmas stylings to get you into the holiday spirit. This time, a high-rise condo in the metropolis is the backdrop for where the yuletide magic happens. Dramatic, urban, cosmopolitan, subtle, subdued and still sophisticated, OUR HOME offers a Christmas ambiance that is restrained yet still festive, minimal yet perfect for entertaining.  Colors in only one color family makes for a muted palette the echoes the glamorous appeal of city life. Have a chic Christmas … only at OUR HOME… Great Designs… Great Prices.