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Posted on April 20 2023

Living in a condo can be a great experience. You get the best of both worlds—private space and the ability to live close to other people. Most importantly, you finally get a home that is all yours. So whether you're a Gen-Z who will transfer to a condo soon or a millennial who wants to restyle your space, Our Home furniture collection got you covered! 

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Your Condo Could Use a Makeover with these Interior Design Ideas

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for condo interiors. Your condo's interior decor can unquestionably be as modest, regal, bold, and glitzy as you please! Continue reading for tips on how to design your spaces using stylish home furniture:

          1. Choose your colors

White walls are popular for making spaces feel bigger. In addition, neutral white walls help sell homes quickly. On the other hand, cooler hues like grey walls are modern and elegant, thus offering a stylish condo interior-design backdrop.

For a more feminine touch, opt for a blush hue that adds color and warmth to any space. A grey-toned blush pairs well with neutrals and white. If your condo has lots of natural light, try dark blue walls to make an area appear larger than it is.

Ochre's earthy look pairs beautifully with greens, deep reds, and gentle blues. While sage color works in tiny or huge rooms and easily blends with warm and cool tones.

          2. Condo interiors & furniture

One room serves multiple purposes. Maximize tiny apartment spaces by creating zones such as setting up a study or lounge with furniture, rugs, and varied colors. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of illusions. A strategically placed mirror will not only reflect twice as much light inside a condo but also create the illusion of depth. Installing floor-to-ceiling drapes and curtains will give the illusion that the walls are taller than they are.

Choose your furniture pieces wisely. Go for multi-functional furniture like sofa beds, fold-away dining tables, and movable kitchen islands that reduce interior design costs. In contrast, large furnishings should be in neutral or earth colors.

           3. Proper lighting

The three types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent. The general lighting or ambient light gives your spaces recessed and soft lighting, while task lighting highlights a particular area. Lastly, accent lighting draws attention to architectural or decorative elements like artwork.

A Home For Your Heart

A house is not just a place to live. It's where you feel at home. We at Our Home are more than just an online furniture store. We offer quality furniture and accessories for your home.

High-density foam and metal chrome legs are used to create a modern contemporary sectional sofa with low armrests on both sides and loose cushions in two sizes. 

The Seville Sectional Sofa is a beautifully designed piece that makes an excellent addition to any living room. The sectional consists of two sofa sections, with space for up to four people. You can choose from two available colorways: brown and gray. 

Seville Sectional Sofa

Seville Sectional Sofa

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Center Tables

Our Home has a range of center tables perfect for living room decor. We've got everything from rustic tables to elegant glass tops, so there's something for everyone! In addition, all of our center table brands offer 10% off!

The Gerdie Center Table is a quality, modern, sleek center table that will provide the perfect solution for your living room. This table is made from metal, so it is durable and will last a long time. In addition, its chrome color complements any other furniture in the room.

Gerdie Center Table

Gerdie Center Table

The Effie Center Table is a contemporary, round center table in powder-coated metal. It features a sleek, clean-lined design that will complement any space you set it in. Effie is perfect for the contemporary home without compromising on style.

Effie Center Table

Effie Center Table

Fristel Center Table is a sleek and beautiful table that will complement your living room decor. The drawers offer you enough storage space for all your books and magazines, while the sheen finish on the drawers and legs of this table will add a touch of glamour to your interior.

Shelvings and Display Cabinets

If you're looking to upgrade your cabinet shelves and display cabinet, Our Home’s furniture collection has a wide variety of stylish furniture pieces with prices to suit any budget. Save space while saving money because they all come at great prices!

Effortlessly store your items and show them off with Brock Shelving & Display. This chic, Scandinavian-leaning shelf has five compartments to hold your favorite books, alphabetical order, and more. The perfect addition to any home decor, this shelving unit is compact and lightweight for easy assembly.

Brock Shelving & Display

Brock Shelving & Display

Don't let a lack of storage space get in your way! Keep your home organized with Fiana's high shelving. The durable, stylish design will make the most of any unused corner while providing the perfect off-the-floor storage solution for anything from toys to clothes. It is also suitable for displaying your favorite things on open shelves.

Fiana High Shelving & Display Cabinet

Fiana High Shelving & Display Cabinet

Make your home a fun, better place, and start with our home furniture sale today! With Our Home furniture’s great price deals, you are guaranteed to find something that will make your house—your home. 

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