Sustainable Furniture & Decor To Start Green Living

Written by Our Home


Posted on June 05 2024

Sustainability means making conscious choices to reduce our environmental impact, protect natural resources, and create a healthier living space. Using sustainable products in our daily routines helps build a greener future and improves our well-being over time. These eco-friendly choices benefit the planet and often save money, making sustainability a win-win for the environment and our wallets.

Now, let’s look at sustainable and stylish furniture and accessories that you can add to your home. Plus, find out how to make your home a haven of sustainability with these exceptional pieces from OUR HOME’s Green Choice Collection.

1. Alston Sectional Sofa

Alston Sectional Sofa


Our Alston Sofa is a great centerpiece to anchor your living room sustainably. This modern contemporary sofa is upholstered with vegan leather, a durable leather alternative resistant to wear and tear, and does not crack or fade like animal leather.​ Available in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, this sustainable sofa makes versatile furniture for any home.

2. Bennette Accent Chair

Bennette Accent Chair


This modern accent chair features a harmonious combination of modern contemporary style and sustainability. It is made from sustainable Corn Fabric, a natural flame-retardant material that does not fade easily and is more breathable than polyester. 

This piece of furniture is designed to fit seamlessly into any space and its compact size adds a touch of elegance while promoting sustainability. For those seeking to make a stylish and environmentally responsible statement in their home, the Bennette Accent Chair is the ideal choice.

3. Canadian T300 Tencel Fitted Sheet Set

Canadian T300 Tencel Fitted Sheet Set


Slip into a peaceful slumber with this set of eco-friendly fitted bed sheets. Made from sustainably sourced Tencel fibers, this 4-piece Canadian T300 Tencel Fitted Sheet Set offers an incredibly soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic experience, making it ideal for sleepers with sensitive skin.

4. Canadian T300 Tencel Duvet

Canadian T300 Tencel Duvet


Enhance your bedding collection with the Canadian T300 Tencel Duvet. Experience luxurious comfort and optimal temperature regulation with this sustainable duvet. Crafted from Tencel, it delivers eco-friendly benefits for a cozy and refreshing night's sleep. Suitable for all seasons, this duvet ensures a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

5. Nachtmann Noblesse Pitcher Set

Nachtmann Noblesse Pitcher Set


Elevate your drinking experience with this Nachtmann Noblesse Pitcher Set, a testament to sustainability and craftsmanship. The Nachtmann Noblesse comes with a pitcher and 4 glasses. It is made of high-quality, durable lead-free crystal that ensures a long-lasting lifespan. The collection is also 100% recyclable and 100% food-safe. Enjoy your favorite drinks with this collection’s classical yet distinctive design. 

6. Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box

Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box

The Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box is a stylish and functional storage solution for your precious jewelry and accessories. This compact jewelry box is made from sustainably sourced wood. With its sleek combination of wood and metal accents, this wooden jewelry box adds a touch of modern sophistication to any dresser or vanity.

The interior is thoughtfully organized with multiple compartments and even a hidden storage compartment, so your jewelry remains private and out of sight. Its sustainable construction and functional features make it an ideal choice for jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate form and function.

7. Umbra Woody Picture Frame

Umbra Woody Picture Frame


Display your cherished memories with a natural wood photo frame like our Umbra Woody Picture Frame. This unique and playful decor piece features a Woody, a wooden figure that holds up your photo between two panels of glass. You can configure it to display photos in landscape or portrait. 

8. Bamboo Rectangular Placemat

Bamboo Rectangular Placemat


Gather your loved ones for an eco-friendly dinner experience with the Chilewich Bamboo Placemat. Bamboo combines innovative practicality with a serene sensibility, which makes this rectangular placemat the perfect table setting piece. It has a subtle natural design that easily complements a wide range of tableware.

9. Telas de Mercato Drapery Bag

Telas de Mercato Drapery Bag


The Telas de Mercato Drapery Bag is a sustainable and functional storage option for your house. This eco-friendly tote bag crafted with care from excess fabric sourced from curtains and cushions provides an environmentally responsible alternative to throwaway storage organizers in your home. It is spacious for curtains, linens, and other household things, keeping them nicely organized and safe. 

The solid handles make it simple to carry or hang the bag, and the drawstring closure protects your items safely. Each bag embodies our commitment to sustainability, repurposing materials to reduce waste and promote a greener lifestyle. 

10. Umbra Flip Wall Mounted Hook

Umbra Flip Wall Mounted Hook


A decorative wall hook rack like the Umbra Flip Wall Mounted Hook provides a functional and stylish storage solution. Its durable construction can hold various items such as coats, hats, and bags. Its unique flip-down design allows for flexible use, as the hook can be folded flat against the wall when not in use. 

Pick from OUR HOME’s Green Choice Sustainable Collection

Incorporating sustainability into your home is more than a passing trend; it is a step toward protecting our planet. When you choose products from our collection of sustainable furniture and eco-friendly home decor, you can become a positive force for the environment starting from your home.

Take the first step towards a more environmentally responsible lifestyle now—one eco-friendly decision at a time.

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