By Pojie Pambid

The summer heat beckons and Our Home gears up to prep for the summer  months. For the month of March, be treated to a color palette that captures the warmth of orange yet elicits the cool vibe of its tints, tones and shades as our branches go monochromatic. Peach, Salmon, Coral and Cantaloupe punctuate the settings in this mélange of summer colors subtly hinting to an ode to the 1920’s Art Deco style. Be inspired as contemporary furniture in different shades of gray set the backdrop for single color tones to pop through.


A three-seater, two-seater combo set the stage for the entrance focal as it highlights tufted gray fabric upholstery designed with the geometric style of Art Deco in mind. Arms and backs pay homage to the boxy and massive inspirations of the 20’s while metallic legs in gold bring forth a contemporary flair. An Art Deco tub chair in coral acts as an accent piece further reinforcing the Art Deco feel of the vignette while a center and a console table in white marble with gold legs evoke a luxurious feel; again, echoing the styles and settings of the 1920’s. A crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling throwing off light reflections that elegantly illuminate the set-up while accessories are confined to black, white and gold textures and finishes. On the wall, art that depicts the geometric vibe of the Art Deco period are represented by a series of circular discs in different gold applications on a black velvet background.



An amber-glass dining table with bronze legs takes center stage in the dining vignette. Surrounded by a combination of salmon and peach dining chairs, the look is definitely a page out the 1920’s style bible. A pair of peach upholstered tub chairs with gold-leafed legs are purposely used for a dramatic appeal as host chairs setting it apart from the rest of the guest chairs. And while talking about guest chairs, these chairs in salmon don the velvet fabric upholstery that Art Deco is known for replete with geometric stitching. At the sides, a matching amber and bronze sideboard is placed in between Art Deco accent tub chairs in cantaloupe, echoing the same design sensibilities of the era but given a contemporary twist. Above, another crystal chandelier throws light refractions on the floral centerpiece on the table; a copper bowl with peach, white and orange lilies as well as a trio of black wired candelabras with white scented candles.



A fully upholstered fabric headboard in cantaloupe colored velvet fabric is the focal of the bedroom setting.  The geometric stitching of the headboard highlights the padded designs and echoes a certain verticality and formality to the design – reminiscent of the furniture designs of the Art Deco period. Soft, luxurious and elegant, the queen-sized bed is covered in plain gray satin sheets establishing the contemporary element while on both sides, a pair of chests of drawers serve as bedside tables. Painted in a shiny white finish, the storage pieces on both sides of the bed evoke a strict sense of the symmetry known during the styles of the 20’s. All-black table lamps on both sides provide a stark and dramatic contrast against the white exuding a modern feel. A lone Art Deco tub chair wrapped in a coral-colored fabric consistently and cohesively caps off the look.



This month of March, Our Home achieves a monochromatic palette, a prelude to summer and an ode to Art Deco – all styled to serve as multiple inspirations for your designing and styling needs.  At Our Home, settings and vignettes are created to provide ideas, inspirations and insights as to what is current and what is trendy while at the same time maintaining a contemporary and modern approach to choosing furniture and accessories… only at Our Home… Great Designs… Great Prices.