by: Pojie Pambid

There is a change in the air. The temperature drops and the colors transform. Leaves change their colors from green to shades of brown and orange and all of sudden, autumn beckons, and Christmas is just around the corner. 

This season, OUR HOME introduces our Fall Line in Christmas decorations and styling, leaving a certain warmth and a cozy feel in our homes. Organic forms and natural textures serve as inspirations for a different take on celebrating and styling the holidays. Cosmopolitan accessories amidst a combination of Mid-Century Modern and Industrial furniture and stylings spell a Christmas season like no other. Be amazed and inspired at how you can get the look. 


Living Room

Imagine a New York industrial loft with rich hardwood floors, antique bricks in a burnt sienna color and exposed ceilings that reveal cast iron beams and rafters. This is where OUR HOME’s Fall Line is set. An L-Shaped Sofa in creamy beige projects an interesting contrast against the rough wall while at the same time creating that air of comfort and ease, a super relaxed feel. Center, side and console tables in rich wood grains with cast iron details echo the Mid-Century Modern feel while at the same time give off an industrial vibe. Inspired by the iconic works of Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner, accent chairs in brown and black leather upholstery with wooden arms and legs are added to cap-off the look.

Dining Room

Dining settings also mimic the same ambiance as a rich wooden table for eight and a functional wooden sideboard create a welcoming atmosphere. Decorative candles, garlands and wooden bowls placed on top of the table complete the look. 


A fully upholstered headboard in tufted and stitched taupe anchors the king-sized bed covered in rich satin sheets of black, gold and brown. A black leather tufted ottoman can be placed at the foot of the bed that can serve as a storage piece and an accent against the rich, brown and gold shag rug underneath.


A pair of autumn inspired Christmas trees with maple leaves provide a stark contrast against the subdued and understated backdrop. While furniture and furnishings are set in monochromatic neutral tones of browns, beiges, blacks and taupes, the trees provide a pop of color as maple leaves in bright orange with accents of green and brown liven up the space. Warm yellow lights are carefully chosen to adorn the trees evoking a sense of nostalgia while at the same time providing the best kind of illumination to accurately bring out the orange hues. Gold, bronze and copper trimmings and trinkets are now added to the trees eliciting an elegant, classy and sophisticated feel. Christmas decorations made of wood, stone, glass and metal are mixed together to create an eclectic mélange of textures and finishes, all working to evoke a natural feel and an organic atmosphere. Center pieces are created using the same autumnal inspiration in mind as garlands are adorned with pinecones, metallic balls, gold-leafed foliage and gilded twigs. The same garlands are used to decorate the drop lights and chandeliers for a consistent feel.

For Christmas 2022, OUR HOME takes on a variety of different color schemes and different ways to style and celebrate Christmas. Though the country does not really experience the autumn season, OUR HOME takes you a little bit closer to a feeling of fall. For one of this year’s Christmas theme, fall colors, autumn textures and autumn décors come alive and provide an interesting and unique way of decorating and curating the holidays. OUR HOME offers a Christmas ambiance that is a combination of something uncommon, something distinctive and something out of the ordinary as the season of fall becomes the main focus as it takes center stage in our selected stores and branches. Nature becomes a great inspiration for this style and organic shapes and forms add to a Christmas that is definitely a showstopper… only at OUR HOME… Great Designs… Great Prices.