By Pojie Pambid


Our Home embraces balance in styling this month of July as it dons all things achromatic. The dramatic contrast of blacks and whites plus all shades of gray take center stage as furniture and accessories, furnishings and add-ons predominate in the non-colors eliciting a very urban, chic, modern and cosmopolitan appeal. Be inspired with the knowledge that even with this combination, styles come alive and evoke a sophistical feel – only at Our Home.



The entrance focal brings attention to a light dolphin-gray sectional sofa in sleek lines and contemporary proportions. Designed with a deep seat, the sofa delivers a luxurious and comfortable experience as it provides a backdrop for the rest of the living room area to come to life. Striped gray and white throw pillows act as accents on the couch and punctuate the light shades with dark to medium tones. A pair of swivel chairs in white fleece upholstery adds a textural component while providing accents and a play on the whimsy. And, a black leather tufted square ottoman is also added a highlight the contrast of shades and hues. Carefully chosen tables are thrown into the mix to continue to exude a sophisticated mood. A round white marble center table with a decorative sphere leg made of chrome attracts and at the same time also provides a functional surface for black and silver accoutrements to be showcased. Side tables are also of the marble variety but this time, gray is the color of choice. Designed in the same modern style, these side tables also provide functional surfaces for lamps, floral arrangements and even ultra-modern sculptures to be highlighted. A shag rug in very light gray anchors everything together while on top, a silver and crystal chandelier provides ample yet dramatic illumination.



A dining setting is given the same achromatic treatment as this time, a white marble dining table becomes the focal. Four charcoal gray chairs with woven upholstery surround the dining table, again providing the needed contrast. Two silver candelabras adorn the surface of the table adding to the vertical illusion while at the same time guiding the eyes upward to a pair of silver and crystal pendant lamps. The dining setting is set at a diagonal angle for a more dynamic appeal and provides an area where two white satin-finished chest of drawers flank the dining table and chairs. On top of which, ambient lighting in the form of table lamps with champagne colored glass bases and white shades add to the illumination.



The bedroom setting echoes the same non-colored theme as a queen-sized bed frame becomes the main furniture piece. A wrap-around fully upholstered headboard in cloud gray allows for the area to be delineated so that the bed can be highlighted. Clothed in satin sheets of sliver-gray and white with gray and white accent pillows and a white throw rug, the bed becomes the epitome of class, comfort and style. To one side, a gray accent chair is added for a more functional approach and to the other side a pair of black and gray round ottomans are also placed for added seating options. A stark all-black wooden working desk is placed at the side allowing for a work-from-home scenario and instead of a typical desk chair, a high-back gray tufted accent chair is added eliciting a more formal vibe. A white tufted footstool at the foot of the bed is also laid-out to cap of the setting. Overhead a string of glass and crystal chandeliers add an interesting and unique approach to lighting.



At Our Home, even with achromatic combination, styles and themes pop out for an amazing and inspiring experience. The month of July provides a mélange of different style settings all in black and white and the tones and shades of gray for a unique approach to interior design and styling. The results are contemporary furniture and accessories showcased in a very cosmopolitan ambiance amidst classy and elegant backdrops of black and white. July promises to be a month that exudes a mature and sophisticated approach to furniture, furnishings and accessories.  Visit SM Our Home store near you and be inspired by its new look this month.  Only at Our Home… Great Designs… Great Prices.