Holidays are Joyful: #OHMagicalChristmas at Our Home




Written by: Pojie Pambid


In a country where Christmas is celebrated the longest, OUR HOME ushers in the four-month long celebration of the Yuletide season and makes it a joyful one. The premier store for furniture and accessories kicks off the merry making by decking the halls not just with boughs of holly but practically with everything in between. The season where the festive and the joyous come alive is also where OUR HOME pulls all punches creating a celebratory ambiance as the “ber” months come rushing in.


The entrance focal welcomes guests with a “Red and White Christmas” of sorts as a white leather L-shaped sofa beckons. Red brocaded and velvet throw pillows add a Yuletide flavor while accessories are focused on creating a modern, homely and rustic feel. Glass topped center, side and console tables with wooden and cast iron bases, elicit the same comfortable and warm ambiance as it reflect unique accouterments on top as white ceramic, champagne gold and wrought iron become the textures of choice. A pair of Mid-Century Modern accent chairs in wood with soft beige seat pads, echoes the warm and fuzzy spirit of the season while another white leather oversized and tufted ottoman on the adjacent side reveals a consistent take on the white theme.


A tall green fir Christmas tree occupy one corner of the living room setting bedecked with a cascade of red and white balls and red berries and hollies evoking a traditional take on decorating the space for a unique yet traditional Christmas feel. Reindeer with white fur and a bright red ribbon are added to spruce up the set-up and to add to the festive vibe while above, a wreath chandelier made of the same red and white balls mirrors the overall theme of the setting.


A table for four in wood with American country-inspired Windsor chairs evoke a family-oriented vibe that make for a space conducive to conversation and get-togethers over meals. A white sideboard adds a modern element while a pair of wooden buffet cabinets are added bringing back the rustic feel. Above, the same wreath chandelier is seen lending a consistent and cohesive look. Another green fir tree is shared between the dining and living settings evoking the same traditional yet contemporary feel of the space.


Photo by: Pojie Pambid




The left side focal elicits the same vibe as the Christmas spirit is again played up with the cosmopolitan combination of red and white. A white leather contemporary queen-sized bed is donned in vibrant red sheets and accentuated with a white leather foot bench. White wooden side tables and a chest of drawers add to the stark and modern feel of the space while white ceramic lamps with white shades create opulent illumination. A green frosted Christmas tree stands elegantly in one corner and is decorated with the same red and white elements to echo the living and the dining settings.


Christmas has indeed come to OUR HOME and the environs reveal the festive , bright and joy-filled Yuletide spirit. Every nook and cranny in the store reveals pockets of the Christmas spirit and an entire section of the space is dedicated to Christmas trees, balls, garlands, trinkets, lights, reindeer, hollies and the like while Christmas carols play in the background, really giving off the sights and sounds of the season. This is just the beginning though as OUR HOME gears up for different interpretations of Christmas themes and designs that are coming in the next months, and in the other premiere branches. The Christmas spirit begins anew at OUR HOME.


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