By Pojie Pambid


OUR HOME takes inspiration from the Wabi-Sabi design trend for the whole month of August. Loosely defined, Wabi-Sabi is the longing for a sense of austere, subdued beauty combined with a rustic and imperfect look in things or objects. And, if said objects result in an expression of serenity, a sense of peace and calm, then Wabi-Sabi is accomplished. This month, OUR HOME explores a sense of serene beauty in its vignettes as it delves into cool combinations that relaxes, soothes and rejuvenates.



Welcoming and beckoning, the entrance focal focuses on a lone queen-sized bed donned in sheets with the colors of nature in mind. A rich shade of hunter green predominates as bed linens capture the fresh feel and aura of the bed whilst pops of yellows and beige punctuate for a positive vibe. The bed in itself is simply designed in its aesthetic, with a streamlined base in a matte finished medium shade of pine and a comfortable padded headboard in taupe. Flanking the bed on both sides is a pair of wooden bedside tables; functional, practical and earthy. Table lamps with a rich stoneware sage stoneware base become an ode to Japanese Yakimono pottery and alludes to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. At the foot of the bed, accent chairs in fabrics that complement the rich greens of the bed linens flank an occasional table in white marble and gold creating a quaint combination. Anchoring everything together is a comfortable area rug in textured abaca, again, as an ode to nature. A tall and lush phicus tree behind the bed provides an interesting backdrop.



A six-seater dining table in the same medium shade of pine takes center stage in the dining vignette. Taupe fabrics are used as seats for the wooden dining chairs creating a coordinating ensemble and matches the fabric of the headboard of the bed evoking a unified and harmonious feel. Several storage pieces are scattered throughout the setting emphasizing the need for a functional and practical approach while providing a warm and earthy feel through the use of natural wood and iron details. A serene mood permeates as pendant lights hang from the ceiling illuminating a floral centerpiece consisting of white and yellow lilies. Topiaries and foliage arrangements carefully trimmed in geometric shapes also add to the aesthetic of the vignette while providing a Zen component. Stoneware based lamps in matte black add contrast and texture for a rustic combination.



A sectional L-shaped sofa is the star of the living room vignette. Harmonizing with the other vignettes through its use of taupe fabrics for upholstery, the sofa elicits a cohesive and consistent addition and evokes an overall warm and natural feel. Carefully selected center, side and console tables in medium pine creates familiarity and ties all the vignettes together. A wide abaca rug provides an anchor for a pair of brown and green accent tub chairs to be included in the setting, standing out yet blending in – another Wabi-Sabi allusion. Throw pillows in shades of nature; browns, greens and yellows, add texture and a subtle hint of color while at the same time pulling everything together. Bamboo plants are carefully placed in selected areas to hint at a Japanese design sensibility while flowers in white and yellow cap off the living room focal.



Eliciting a certain mood, vibe or ambiance is what interior design can do to a space. At OUR HOME, cool combinations of furniture, furnishings and accoutrements provide the inspiration for achieving such atmospheres while creating solutions that capture an overall design aesthetic. For the whole month of August, let our vignettes and settings evoke a Wabi-Sabi vibe… eliciting combinations that exude a serene and austere look while providing warmth and comfort.  Visit SM Our Home store near you ( and be inspired by its new look this month.  Only at OUR HOME… Great Designs… Great Prices.