By:  Pojie Pambid





June has always been the month for Dads. And at Our Home, this month is where our stores transform to suit, this time, the fathers. Furniture and fixtures, accessories, colors, patterns and textures are all decked up to pay homage to the man of the house. Who says that a man cannot have his place spruced up, styled and decorated? Certainly not us at Our Home! So, sit back and be inspired as we honor the “padres de familia”.




The entrance is replete with references to all things bold and masculine. A pair of tan leather sofas take center stage as it evokes a Mid-Century Modern vibe. Soft and plush leather seats with loose cushions for the backrest provide a comfortable and cozy ambiance while maintaining a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to styling. Woven camo green throw pillows act as accents on the sofas providing a pop of color while also providing a hint of freshness in the mix. The same color, camo green, is seen in the upholstery of the two accent lounge chairs in the setting making for a cohesive and consistent color palette. Center, side and console tables are in plain black wenge wood that allows for stark contrasts to be seen and appreciated. Accessories are curated in such a way as to not deviate from the bold and masculine feel, hence, black cast iron lanterns, sculptural modern elements and plain green topiaries are scattered all throughout. A plain sisal and abaca rug in the same tan color as the sofa provides insulation and anchors everything in place.



The same Mid-Century Modern design style is also seen in the dining focal. A round, wooden table is the piece de resistance in the setting where the base is a geometric example of great design while the surface is reminiscent of the vintage and retro marquetry patterns. Six dining chairs, with tan leather seats, wrought iron frames and wooden arched backrests, surround the table and as it is, complement the design of the table. Off on the side, a bar cabinet cum console is perfect for papa’s liquor collection while also serving as a storage and service piece of furniture. Flanking the bar cabinet are a pair of concrete pedestals with earthenware jars, added to evoke a rustic and natural feel.  Another sisal and abaca rug is seen underfoot, this time in different shades of gray, for comfort and contrast.




Providing a soothing and restful ambiance, a queen-sized bed with an all-leather frame and headboard dominates the bedroom focal. The all-brown leather bed with a pair of matching brown leather bedside tables is fully upholstered with a noticeable stitching and tufting design. Green satin sheets don the mattresses with two pairs of matching fluffy pillows allow for additional comfort while guaranteeing a restful sleep. A black tufted footrest can be seen at the foot of the bed for added style while a foot rug in gray sisal and abaca adds softness and insulation. Towards the side, an Eames lounge chair and ottoman become the perfect reading chair, with a rich wood grained frame, black leather seats and back and a swivel mechanism, it also lends a Mid-Century Modern feel to the space. Paired with a black glass nest of tables and a floor lamp, the area easily becomes a functional and practical addition to the bedroom space. Towards the other side, a large wooden work desk with black iron legs takes care of the concept of bringing work home. A leather and wood desk chair, inspired by the Eames lounge chair, also with a swivel mechanism, is the perfect accompaniment for the desk.

This June, Our Home provides styling tips and tricks, all paying homage to all fathers out there. Visit our branches for bold and masculine interpretations of design styles suited for the man of the house. Furniture and furnishings give off a Mid-Century Modern vibe, while colors and textures complement the style, perfect for June. Only at Our Home… Great Designs… Great Prices.