Our Home in Their Home


The closeness among my husband, my two daughters, and I are what I think best defines our family. We simply love being together and doing things together like exercising, going on out-of-town trips, and entertaining friends at home.

Our closeness as a family inspires us to do better for each other so that we can make each other happier. That’s why it is most important that our home is comfortable and relaxed


When we made the decision to move from our condominium into a new house, it was a must that a relaxing, minimalist ambience with a lot of wide-open space and plenty of natural light and air be maintained. That’s why we prefer furniture that is neutral in color, nothing too heavy, so that the atmosphere stays light, air, and cozy

Our Home has always been our go-to, even when we were still living in our condo, because they are able to satisfy our basic requirement of good quality and comfort. It has been our one-stop-shop for furniture, candles, carpets, and accent pieces. We love that they are able to keep up with the changing times by providing classic pieces with a modern twist at a reasonable price.


We particularly appreciate the service. There is always a sales person available to assist us. They are very proactive in giving ideas and assisting us with our inquiries and requests. The store in Megamall, where we usually go, is spacious and open so that we can walk around to carefully check and choose furniture comfortably and without pressure. The store is a huge showroom that inspires us with ideas on how to fix our homes or how to mix and match pieces with the right color combinations.

The best part about shopping at Our Home is that it has become a family activity. Our daughters are both grown-ups with their own tastes so it has become quite a fun experience to shop and choose pieces together.