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Two-In-One Spaces in the Home for a Home Office

Interior Spaces nowadays are pricey and small. And unit owners and homeowners alike are finding ways on how to maximize interior spaces. The challenge is that when it comes to spaces that are already existing in the home, is it now possible to combine two functions in one space? With the current situation, where people are now forced to work from home, how can design accommodate the home office in spaces that are already pre-existing. An office or a work area in the home is very convenient especially under these challenging times because it does not only allow you to become productive and earn a living but all of these is done in the comfort of your own home.Is it still possible to turn things around and allocate a space where one can work effectively without sacrificing the design aesthetics of the space? Design adapts as it also dictates and what we have now is a situation where we try to discover new ways of living. It is all about creating designs that work and because of necessity, sometimes we need to combine spaces that work well together.

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The living room is a space where we converse, gather, and entertain. It is also a space that has a large area so if we’re talking about space and size alone, this could be the perfect location to add on a home office. Regardless of the kind of work that one does, it only practically entails two pieces of furniture to work efficiently in the home – a desk and a desk chair. For the living room, this is quite easy to incorporate in the setting as most living rooms already have a 2-seater and a 3-seater sofa or if not they would have an L-shaped couch. Since the configuration of the sofas are already occupying two sides of an L, the third and open side would be perfect for where the desk and the chair can be placed. Choose pieces that match the color tone and style of the existing sofas so that the transition will be seamless and it would appear that it was a design choice to begin with.



For people who do not mind working in close proximity to a bed, and for those who can resist the temptation to nap and snooze, then the bedroom is another space in the house where a home office can be conveniently located. This practice is already done and most often than not, people do have desks in the bedroom; but what if the bedroom space is small and tight, can this work-from-home scenario still work? In a bedroom setting where you could have two night tables flanking the bed, you can opt for just one and provide a desk and a chair on the other side. Or if space allows, the desk and chair combination can even be placed at the foot of the bed. One thing to note as an advantage to this layout is, that since bedrooms are very private and intimate, the space could also afford privacy, the utmost focus and concentration.



Having a home office in the dining room is a bit unconventional but under the circumstances, sometimes a little creativity goes a long way especially when the need arises. Sometimes, when a lot of entertaining happens in the living room and when the bedroom is really for rest and sleep, the dining room is your best bet for a work area. Some people even just convert the dining table into a work desk but in the interest of keeping the dining function exclusive to the dining table, a desk can also incorporated into the space.This can be easy and functional as well because what one can do is, instead of a sideboard or buffet table on one end of a rectangular dining table, you can incorporate a desk.And the beauty of this is, you don’t even have to buy a desk chair, because one of the dining chairs can also double as a desk chair. It saves on space and it also saves on budget.


Two-in-one spaces are trending. The need to work from home necessitates that interior design accommodates this need. The important thing to note is that your home office can be incorporated into any room in the house and itsmood and ambiance will work well with the style, tone, color and finish of what is already existing. This guarantees that it will not only be efficient in maximizing productivity but that you would also work from home in style.