By:  Pojie Pambid



OUR HOME welcomes the new year with something vibrant. This 2024, OUR HOME veers away from what’s not and focuses on what’s hot. And for the new year, all our stores sizzle with colors. Right off the heels of the forecasts and trends for 2024, OUR HOME sets the trails blazing with furniture, furnishings and accessories that traverse the color palette. OUR HOME starts the year right with the bright, the bold and the beautiful in three vibrant combinations.







A four-seater oversized sofa in a vibrant mustard color dominates the entrance focal. Donned in textured corduroy upholstery, the sofa is destined to be a scene stealer in any living room as it catches the attention of everyone. The size and the proportions are contemporary and modern, yet the fit is comfortable and the texture, plush. Providing a stark contrast against the yellow is a pair of Mid-Century Modern lounge chairs in velvet cobalt blue. The high-back design is a standout as it elicits an air of elegance in the setting. On the opposite side, an accent chair in chrome and blue provides the contemporary flavor and completes the rest of the seating options. Center, side and console tables are curated specially to lend function and flair as white marble and cast-iron black add an industrial touch making the colors pop. A square, marble, four-seater dining table complements the tables in the setting but is given a bold approach as four cobalt blue, tub dining chairs surround it. The fully padded queen-sized bed frame and headboard complement the gray marble veining while at the same time coordinate with the color palette as sheets and linens are in the same blue and yellow combination.






This time, the focal showcases a three-seater and two-seater set in a subtle ochre color. Velvet upholstery adds a tactile component evoking a posh appeal. A couple of emerald green contemporary loungers also in velvet brings everything together in a cohesive and consistent textured composition while at the same time making the color pairing pop out. The contrast between emerald and ochre is all the more appreciated by introducing accent tables in white marble and gray creating an achromatic complement. A padded and tufted bed is given the same palette choice by donning it in a patterned linen set that echoes the color scheme in green and yellow tropical prints. Four high-back tufted dining chairs surround a round marble and gray dining table for four.






The color orange in these set-ups becomes an accent but utilizes its tints, tones and shades to complement uniformly gray settings. An L-shaped sofa in gray leather predominates the setting but is complemented by a pair of velvet, tangerine swivel accent chairs. The plush texture of the velvet chairs complement yet contrast against the smooth leather upholstery. In another setting, an L-shaped fabric sofa is accented by a pair of oversized Art Deco inspired tub chairs in deep salmon. This time though, the oversized proportions of the tub chair highlight the sleek and sophisticated shape and form of the sofa. A pair of gray padded beds are covered in printed combinations of orange and gray organic patterns livening up the vignette while at the same time eliciting a relaxed mood and resort atmosphere. Burnt sienna and rust accent chairs provide a stark pop of color in the bedroom vignettes yet give off a somber vibe. Center, side and console tables in these settings rely heavily on wooden textures and finishes as it picks up a complementary orange hue in the finishes. The settings have a common dining set-up between them consisting of a rectangular black marble table with orange veining complementing the brightness of the colors around while six brown and beige leather dining chairs are added to give off a practical and functional appeal.


January kicks off the new year for and OUR HOME as furniture pieces, accessories and furnishings provide settings and layouts designed to evoke a bright, bold and beautiful atmosphere through the use of vibrant and striking color combinations. Carefully chosen and curated pieces are put together; eliciting an eclectic feel that traverses several design styles but manages to still result in well-put together arrangements that spell comfort and function. This is only the start of how OUR HOME will highlight trends and styles for the new year… only at Our Home… Great Designs… Great Prices.