The Different Types of Furniture Styles

With every dream home comes a dream aesthetic, and this varies from person to person. Some homeowners prefer maximalism and grandeur, while some prefer light, natural elements. For every preference, there’s sure to be a furniture style that matches your taste and personality.

The interior design of your space can typically follow established furniture styles. You have probably heard of terms like mid-century modern or Scandinavian style furniture, but if you don’t quite understand what they mean, here is a cheat sheet for you to review. Once you know your preferences, you’ll be able to have a much easier time shopping for your dream home furniture here at Our Home.


The Garion Bed Frame

The Baroque art movement originated from Italy in the 17th century, and in turn influenced furniture styles as well. It features grand, elaborate elements like pedestal feet, twisted columns and intricate veneer inlays. Big curves are also a prominent feature in Baroque furniture, and marble and imported woods like mahogany and ebony are common materials in this furniture style.


The Astra Dining Chair

The Classic style furniture’s inspirations are a mixture of Baroque, Romantic and Neoclassical centuries. It comes from English and French influences, so wood tones and lush fabric materials are common characteristics of the style. Straight lines and tapered legs are telltale features as well. Warm woods like maple and cherry wood are common materials in Classic furniture, lending a homey vibe to a space.

Mid-Century Modern


The Arden Sofa Bed

This style is all about understated elegance and functionality. Mid-century modern styles have less embellishments than its maximalist predecessors like Baroque, but have its own quiet sense of beauty. The style began in America while influenced by art movements like Bauhaus. Traditional materials like wood, glass and vinyl are still common in mid-century modern furniture, but the presence of plastic also became more prominent as speed and function were the main drivers of the style when it first began.

Modern Contemporary

The Havana 1 Computer Desk

From its name, it’s easy to infer that modern contemporary furniture is a style that is current and trend-based. The style is influenced by many different eras, and currently is heavily influenced by modern styles since it’s the current trend. Contemporary interior designs are more minimalist, give off an open feeling to a space and also feature sharp, squared edges on the furniture. They also commonly adopt neutral or black and white palettes and glossy shades for a sleek look.


The Grim I Office Desk

This style is easy to spot at first glance. The elements typically feel aged or used and look as if they were taken out of a 1950’s factory and repurposed. The industrial style often uses metal or leather, and machinations like wires or gears can be left exposed for a more mechanical feel. The palettes are typically black, gray or other severe and ultra-modern colors. A typical selling point of industrial furniture is that, aside from a punch of character, they are also easy to keep clean.




The Elair I Office Desk

This furniture style originated from Nordic countries in the 20th century and aims to marry functionality with simplicity. Clean lines and straightforward accents are some of the main characteristics of the style, and it typically uses whites, light grays and light oaks for its color palette. This style advocates for a natural feel, so plants and light wood materials are also a common element in its interior design playbook. Found a style that speaks to your personality yet? If you’re more adventurous, you can also mix and match elements from different furniture styles to create your own unique flavor for your home spaces. It’s all a matter of understanding functionality and style to create the best home for you and your family.