By:  Pojie Pambid





The heat of summer brings out the best in capturing the color of the season as OUR HOME highlights bold and vibrant yellow. A positive, cheerful and stimulating color that’s guaranteed to bring a smile and, in this case, to give off a contemporary, chic yet cool vibe. Witness the many facets of the color as OUR HOME brings to the fore inspiring looks for the best in what the summer month of May can offer.


Since May is also the mattress month at OUR HOME, our entrance focal delves into the most intimate part of the home, where sleep and rest is synonymous to good design. A white leather, upholstered, queen-sized bed is a welcome sight as it brings about images of comfort and a soothing slumber. Donned in an all-white linen bedding set, the bed immediately spells calm and the promise of rest and relaxation. Set against a backdrop of textured wallpaper with a subtle hint of buttercup, the bed stands out as all-white vision in the ambiance of the space. A pair of bright yellow throw pillows provide a standout contrast while an accent of black lends quite a modern feel. Flanking the bed is a pair of white satin finished bedside tables where on top, modern accessories in black cast iron provide a stark distinction. A pair of lamps in silver and chrome bases with white linen shades add to the crispness of the setting. Behind, tall potted bamboos provide a natural feel while at the same time giving off a vertical illusion, drawing the eyes upward.  A sideboard, also in a white satin finish, is placed at the side completing the storage component of the vignette. A pair of summer flower accent chairs in dandelion yellow serve as the sitting pieces in the space, this time though, the addition of printed, abstract, black and white pillows evoke a whimsical approach. White leather ottomans are scattered throughout the space for additional seating or simply just to put your feet up.




The living room tableau consists of a three-seater, two-seater combination sofa set that boasts of white stitched leather supported by a wooden walnut frame. Black and yellow pillows on the sofas punctuate the whiteness yet give off a subtle nod to a retro vibe. Center, side and console tables are in a matte black finish contrasting with the white of the sofas while at the same time, providing warmth and texture. A pair of mustard accent chairs add to the brightness of the space and elicit a cheerful mood. Black, white and yellow accoutrements are distributed throughout the vignette for a cohesive look and feel as evidenced by a sunflower centerpiece on the center table, a trio of yellow candles and black and white collections of vases and ceramics. An occasional table off to the side is styled with a tall, skyscraper arrangement of different flowers in yellow; chrysanthemums, lilies and orchids – to be consistent with the summer theme.



An all-black dining set in the dining vignette is a showstopper. A long rectangular table for six in matte black stained wood takes center stage as it dominates the area with its dark textured wood. Six dining chairs donned in all-black leather upholstery complement the table and yet adds a slight contrast in textures. Together, they pay a striking homage to a contemporary, chic and cosmopolitan dining experience. For this setting though, yellow is introduced subtly in the centerpiece styling. A collection of rustic, earthenware vases in off-white is adorned with clumps and clusters of yellow gerbera flowers that instantly brighten up the table. In between, tall wrought iron candelabras are fitted with black and yellow candles for a touch of elegance.



The month of May sizzles and shines at OUR HOME as we pay homage to the most popular summer color ever! Visit our stores and get ideas on how to use the color in a modern, contemporary and chic way while having fun at the same time. Yellow is such a fun color to play with in interiors and at OUR HOME, we pulled all the stops in making sure that yellow comes out on top as a summer color. Experience summer like no other. Only at OUR HOME. Great designs…. Great prices…