A little chap with a great performance – that’s Anton! Although you would scarcely notice him, thanks to his small dimensions, room sizes of up to 25 m2 (60 m3) are a breeze for him. As an ultrasonic humidifier in highly resistant material, Anton can even distribute your favourite fragrance to perfection in the room. To ensure that Anton leaves no traces behind even with high mineral content of the water, he can optionally be equipped with an Anticalc Cartridge. The Water Cube™ ensures hygienic humidification. His simple operating buttons are concealed on the underside. Another elegant touch is provided by the LED water level indicator which turns red when the tank is empty.
Product Features:
Humidification output: up to 170 g/h
Room size: up to 25 m2 / 63 m3
Tank capacity: 2.5 liter / Power: 12 watt
Fragrance dispensing ability
Variable output control
Night mode (LED lights dimmable or off)
Automatic shut-off
Size: L18.4xW18.5xH26.2 cm

Color: Black

Sku: 39191681